Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Daily Punter Sphere Ranking System. Part II

Hi again Sports fans

Over the weekend I have been working away to get the ranking system all polished off and ready to receive results and start clocking up those games. We have had a small response to start with but its a start. If you take away the 7 Teams I created/used during the testing process we have had 6 Teams sign up from the UK, USA, Australia, Denmark and New Zealand so its clear this is going to be Global. Remember if you want to compete with these teams as well as any others that register and see how you are fairing in the Global Dreadball Community then make sure your registered and your opponents are too. (Links at the end)

First thing I want to show you is how I plan to show the results at the end of each month. I have tried to include plenty of different stats so its not just all about the top of the table, although that has prime of place. If you take a look there is a huge amount of info available. So without further waffle here is a Preview/April 14 Sphere Ranking System. {Click on the image to make it nice and big} (Please send any suggestions, comments ideas to us either in the comments or email punterrankings@gmail.com )

As well as the above info sheet I will also update a publicly available full table so you can see your teams stats no matter what position you are in. This will always be here.

I have also been doing some tricky maths and coding to get the points correct for this ranking system. While the points in the previous article are fine. They leave an open door to spam playing the same person which doesn't really show how good you are at Dreadball just how good compared to that one person you are. Also we have to take into account that player groups are not always large and constraints of actual life take their toll on who and when we can play. So below are the revised Sphere Ranking points system. (Again please send in CC&I)

The basics of the points system is the same as before.
4Pts for a Landslide Win
3Pts for a Win
2Pts for a Draw
1Pts for a Loss
0Pts for a Landslide Loss
+ 1Pt per Cheer you accumulated.

Games are then checked if they are Unique. For a game to be Unique the Home team and Away team and the result I.e. Home win, Away Loss etc must not match a game previously played during that month.

If a game id Unique you get 100% of your match points from the scale above if it isn't you only get 50%. This system allows quite a few games against the same person each month 6 in fact if you play to achieve each outcome but it does stop someone getting full points for playing the same person over and over again. It also avoids a case where your first game each month against someone is more important than any others so people who lose can still get 100% points if they later beat the same person that way teams who play each other in a month twice and both win 1 match will have the same amount of points.

Hope that all makes sense. Below are the links to registration forms and results forms.


Thursday, 24 April 2014

Daily Punter Sphere Ranking System

Hi Punter fans.

Today we are here to unveil our new swish interactive programme of bringing dreadball teams together from around the Sphere.

Gerald Dorksworth proudly presents the "Daily Punter Sphere Ranking System"

(If anyone is handy with designing and wants to come up with a cool logo)
The SRS with record results from any registered team that plays in a ranked match and will give them points based on the results this will be compared with all the registered teams from around the sphere to form a ranking and each month we will show case the top 10 teams as well as a few others.
The details
Ranked Matches - In order for a match to be considered ranked and therefore count towards your ranking both teams must be Registered members of the SRS. The process is simple and a registration form is included at the link below. (Coaches may have multiple teams just register more than one) Ranked matches must only be standard dreadball matches (no Ultimate or Xtreme yet!) They can however be part of a league or one off games or even just friendlies.
To have your ranked match recorded simply complete the Results form for each match (Not each player) (We suggest the loser has this task) and your results with be uploaded to the Daily Punter datasphere for ranking.
Teams are ranked by SRS Points which are earned like so.
4 Pts for a Landslide Win
3 Pts for a Win
2 Pts for a Draw
1 Pts for a Loss
0 Pts for a Landslide Loss

+ 1 Pts per Cheer in the game.

The system also accounts for a complex system to ensure that results cannot be massed by playing the same team over and over.

To receive 100% of the points the game must be classed as UNIQUE.  If a game isnt unique both teams only receive 50% of tge points.

To be classed as unique the home team, away team and result ie home win, must not be the same as a previous match that month. This gives teams the chance to play each other a few times before the points received for the game are reduced.
There are plenty of other stats recorded so plenty of limelight to be had each month.
And so without further rambling I give you the links to start your teams SRS journey.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

To Keep or not to Keep?

Lets take a look at Keepers

I have been trying to write this for a while and keep forgetting. There has been some talk on Quirkworthy and the Kickstarter comments about the pros and cons of Keepers even going as far as Jake himself saying that he wishes he never wrote them into the game. Well never fear, The Daily Punter's here to try and give the Old Keepers a spot of TLC and see if we cant think of a few ways we could get them working again.

Problems with Keepers

To me there are two problems with keepers at the moment.

Firstly, if they pick up the ball they can only Punt it, which counts as losing the ball and so ends your rush. This means they only really want to pick up the ball when you have a comfortable lead.

Secondly, the Punt is in-accurate and pretty impossible to predict and form a game plan around. This leads to Keepers just being used as Super Guards but with the proviso that players have to make sure they are aware of the ball and how it may land in a keepers lap.

How they could Improve

Give the Keepers some way of handing off the ball. Now I am not suggesting they can pass the ball around like normal. Maybe Dreadball should include a hand off mechanic and having seen some of the beta rules from DBX you could just say that Keepers can Pass (and shoot if you want) but limited to a distance of 1 Hex or.........

You could develop a new action like below. (Only a starting point)

Hand Off

A player may Move up to 1 Hex before Handing off a ball. But must end a greater distance from the opponents 3 Point strike hex than they started. They may dash if they want. For a hand off to succeed the handing off player must move into a Threat hex of a the player they are handing the ball too. (They do not have to be facing this player). If they don't reach they drop the ball and it scatters from the hex they are in this counts as losing the ball.  If they do reach the receiving player then rolls the following test.

Hand off: A 3 dice Skill test (1)
*-1 per opposing player threatening the hex you are in (maximum -2).

*+1 if the receiving player is a striker
*+1 if both the handing off and the receiving player are in each others threat hexes.

Hand Off Succeeds: Receiving player safely takes control of the ball.

Hand Off Doubles: Receiving player safely takes control of the ball and can take a free move or throw.
Hand Off Fails: Receiving player drops the ball and it scatters from the hex they are in. This counts as losing the ball.

Secondly Punt needs to be looked at some what. The easiest solution that I can see is that Punt doesn't count as losing control of the ball and so ending your rush. you still cant predict where the ball is going to end up but it is now an option to try and get the ball down field and score.

Thirdly I would go a little bit further to try and get Keepers to act more like the name suggest with the following addition to the Keeper Skill.

Keeper - Guard Only

Gains a 3+ Armour, Ability to Punt (see above) and Ability to Intercept. (See below)

If an opponents strike attempt would travel through a keepers Threat Hex the keeper may attempt to intercept the ball. The opponents strike attempt become a 3 dice Skill (X) test instead of a (1).

Intercept: a 3 dice Skill test (X)

*-1 per opposing player threatening the hex you are in (maximum -2).
*+1 If the Keeper is in a hex next to a strike hex.

Keeper Wins: Keeper punches the ball away and it scatters from the hex they are in. This counts as the passing/striking team losing the ball.
Keeper Doubles: Keeper catches the ball and can immediately Punt the ball.
Draw or Strike Attempt Wins: Striking team scores as normal.
Strike Attempt Doubles: Striking player scores and showboats as normal they may also place the Keeper prone in any of their threat hexes. (To simulate the keeper falling over)

Have at it in the comments below!!!!!

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

And the Results are In

So the Shrikes take a win in their debut season but the crowds aren't convinced they are the outright favourites.

Special mention has to go to Dan Haslam as the only coach to ensure they have submitted results for every week.

For the moment we are having a brief season Break but will return with a polished format that should solve loads of the issues people have had this season.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Nearly time to call Time

Hi all

Here is the second to last league update for the Outpost League Season 3.

Unfortunately Adrian has had to drop out of the League so all of his results are void. So if you have already played him your result will be a win by 0 strikes with no cheers, kills or deaths if you have yet to play him well done you just got a win.
The deadline for results will be 28/02/2014 so I can wrap up the results and publish them the following Monday 03/03/2014. Any results not received will count as non scoring draws with no kills, cheers or deaths.
This last Season has shown myself and Jimmi a couple of problems that we have a plan to deal with. Watch this space for news on the New and we hope final league format which will return later this year.

Monday, 20 January 2014

Long Awaitied League Update

Hi there been waiting to try and get enough results to publish this and now here it is.


Because this far into the league some people are missing games the table doesn't always tell the right story. So here is a bit more info to clear things up. Each team will play 10 Games by the end of the season.

Roaring Riptides - Adrian Mills
Results received 2.
Played 5, Won 2 (1 Landslide), Lost 3 (2 Landslides)

The New Zaol All Hacks - Benjamin Ryan
Results received 5.
Played 5, Won 2 (1 Landslide), Lost 3 (1 Landslide)

I.C.E. Devils - Simon Blakemore
Results received 7
Played 7, Won 2 (2 Landslides), Lost 5 (3 Landslides)

The Law - Chris Blackburn
Results received 6
Played 6, Won 2, Lost 4 (2 Landslides)

Laniidae Shrikes - Chris Daubney
Results received 5
Played 5,  Won 5 (4 Landslides), Lost 0

Tribbiani CHUMS - James Taylor
Results received 6
Played 6, Won 4, Lost 2

Osaka Squids - Will Hopkins
Results received 2
Played 5, Won 0, Lost 5

Teraton Avalanches - Tom Silcock
Results received 4
Played 5, Won 4, Lost 1

Lots of missing results people and lots of games to catch up.