Thursday, 24 April 2014

Daily Punter Sphere Ranking System

Hi Punter fans.

Today we are here to unveil our new swish interactive programme of bringing dreadball teams together from around the Sphere.

Gerald Dorksworth proudly presents the "Daily Punter Sphere Ranking System"

(If anyone is handy with designing and wants to come up with a cool logo)
The SRS with record results from any registered team that plays in a ranked match and will give them points based on the results this will be compared with all the registered teams from around the sphere to form a ranking and each month we will show case the top 10 teams as well as a few others.
The details
Ranked Matches - In order for a match to be considered ranked and therefore count towards your ranking both teams must be Registered members of the SRS. The process is simple and a registration form is included at the link below. (Coaches may have multiple teams just register more than one) Ranked matches must only be standard dreadball matches (no Ultimate or Xtreme yet!) They can however be part of a league or one off games or even just friendlies.
To have your ranked match recorded simply complete the Results form for each match (Not each player) (We suggest the loser has this task) and your results with be uploaded to the Daily Punter datasphere for ranking.
Teams are ranked by SRS Points which are earned like so.
4 Pts for a Landslide Win
3 Pts for a Win
2 Pts for a Draw
1 Pts for a Loss
0 Pts for a Landslide Loss

+ 1 Pts per Cheer in the game.

The system also accounts for a complex system to ensure that results cannot be massed by playing the same team over and over.

To receive 100% of the points the game must be classed as UNIQUE.  If a game isnt unique both teams only receive 50% of tge points.

To be classed as unique the home team, away team and result ie home win, must not be the same as a previous match that month. This gives teams the chance to play each other a few times before the points received for the game are reduced.
There are plenty of other stats recorded so plenty of limelight to be had each month.
And so without further rambling I give you the links to start your teams SRS journey.

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