Monday, 25 November 2013

The Outpost League Week Three Results

It all hotting up with a good spread of results.

Lannidae Shrikes halt the Krumpers winning streak and keep there own alive but only through virtue of having enough cash to out pay Buzzcutt. In the same day Buzzcutt played for the CHUMS and helped them secure their first win of the season.

Meanwhile both Forge Father teams carry on losing with The Law taking a beating from the Avalanches and ICE getting landslided by the rookie Coach Ben (who still hasn't sent any results in)

So once again its all to play for in the Outpost league.

No Stats Galore this week as it seems the fans weren't very happy with any of the teams with such a low amount of fan cheers more next week.


  1. Ben has sent me a match analysis of his game against Simon. I have asked for the facts also so we can process them :)

  2. Low amount of cheers he says? Is 10 in one game not enough? I thought My Shrikes did rather well. But it seems conspiracy's evil influence is much closer than I thought, and is always ready to deceive me!
    You must not change the past, once it's been established. But I must know what constitutes a little and a lot, when the average cheers per player per game (so far) is 2.4?