Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Match Report - The New Zaol All Hacks vs I.C.E Devils

*****Transmission intercepted between Coach Ben to his wife following last weeks thrilling game between the All Hacks and I.C.E Devils*****

"Got meself a landslide victory after the Hacks coach shouted encouragement (and waved a firearm) at Bhale our striker position number one. Bale made a mad dash and scored a 4 pointer after the ice men dropped the ball.

After Whilde the number 4 guard and Phord number 2 striker got knocked senseless the Hacks became a bit nervous and missed a catch that would have secured the game.

After some horrendous luck on the forge fathers side and even Buzzcuts inability to injure (or Kill) the Zaolian strikers they finally made a good dash and got a father father in the hacks 4 point spot...

The forge fathers would have scored a 4 pointer to equelise but for Wachington (no 7). Washingtons reanimation may make him drool like a baby but good god can the man run interference. He pounced and with a headbutt knocked the poor forge father to the floor.

The ball scattered deep into All Hacks territory and the two strikers in play were at the other end of the arena....


Number 2 striker Phord came bouncing out of injury only to scoop up the ball and sprint like a Zaolian Platypus. He was getting ready to throw the ball to Bhale. He stopped... lined up the the pass... and said "Buggah dat mate, I wohnt sahm ghloory"! he made a run for the 3 point line, He shoots He scores.

Phord got man of the match and showed off his ability to Jump like a kiwi in the khazee."

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