Monday, 2 December 2013

Around the Sphere - Wk Commencing 25/11/2013

Well this is only going to be about one thing this week. Mantic's Open Day and what we learnt from it...

Dreadball isn't going to D12. We heard that it might be in the morning so we panicked and asked Jake, fortunately he had no clue what we were on about. He doesn't see the need for it either.

We talked to Chris "Curis" about Forge Fathers and he talked of maybe making them Speed 4+ (Something I will go into tomorrow) I am really against a speed increase for the little fellows. Stay tuned tomorrow for my thoughts.

The Dreadball Tournament was great fun, with some amazing looking teams and a Teraton Ref.

Asterians are really good.

Ronnie's current plan is to have Extreme out next year sometime with new teams which can play in both formats. He also plans to release yearly annuals starting in Jan. These will contain possible rules tweaks and new stuff as well as annual rules that can be used for that year and new cards. (Not sure if you can use the annual rules outside of the year depends how much they effect the game)

The 2014 Annual will have a new MVP and the annual extras will include open air stadiums, so weather now comes into play. Snow storms anyone?

In Extreme you play as a coach of a certain type, which will make certain player roles cheap and others expensive and you can select your team from everything with your 100mc.

Ronnie said that they are looking at rules for having injured players stay on the pitch in Extreme, so you can kick them when they are down and he also hinted at the crowd being more involved in the game.

Spoke to James briefly about what we would like to see, he specifically mentioned cheerleaders and how are people using them. Maybe a price change and perhaps also give them the ability to be the support coaches themselves. He also liked hearing ideas on new support staff like medics etc He hinted at a hacker to change the score?

Sculpts for the New Convicts and Forge Father Brokers are done, these look like they will be in Extreme. Didn't hear anything rules wise.

And Breath.


  1. "Asterians are really good."


  2. Ooooh I've been speaking to someone who went to a different seminar, and it seems there's also a debate about the pitches.

    Ronnie wants a set pitch, like the current one, on a standard board. Jake however wants a modular board so you can build all sorts of crazy shapes.

    I like Jakes idea :)

  3. Not broken - if I hadn't missed all four three-pointers (dice will be sacrificed and replaced) I'd have won! Just need to treat them differently to most other teams.

    1. Fair enough. I have only played against them once before so I'll reserve judgement :)