Monday, 2 December 2013

The Outpost League Results Week Four

So in this week it looks like Buzzcut is selling himself to anyone out there playing in no less than 2 games.

League organisers and Buzzcuts agency have been in meetings all week to discuss how we can improve both his and the leagues earning. He has been quoted saying "My abilities to crush are in demand and for that you have to pay premium".

The Law managed to not lose a game this week by not playing... a crafty trick.

Tribbiani CHUMS have won a game but the game was more what can Buzzcut do for you and less about Monkey Business.

Ben has manged to send in a result

The Krumpers have sped to the top of the table with wins over both the Teraton Avalanches and The Osaka Squids.

The Squids continue to lose strikers with opponents lining them up as their next sushi dinner and charging at them like a kamikaze pilot.

The ICE Devils' game plan has gone stone cold. Not only are they Forge Fathers (more on that tomorrow) they cant score, slam or pick up the ball. Week 5 they play fellow Forge Fathers The Law, maybe one of them can even win?

Looks like the Human teams are taking an early lead in the team points even with new players at the helm - all credit to Adrian and Ben (apart from the fore mentioned results issue)

But the surprise package might be the Teraton Avalanches, they are currently in a mid table spot but are only 4 points from leaders and divisional rivals the Krumpers and have 2 games in hand. You heard it here first watch out Turtles are about.

In case anyone was worried "The Enforcer" has undergone the concussion process and is fine after his run in with Buzzcut, that from his Agent P Potts.


This week we shall have a quick look at who is top of the Fandex. Drum roll please.

For next weeks STATS can you please send in (includes you Ben) how many 4 pointers your team scored so we can give praise to the goal machines out there.

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