Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Outpost League Results Week Five

New Format whooo

Game 1
Roaring Riptides vs Tribianni CHUMS
Game postponed till week 6 due to a Riptide lady having an irrational fear of monkeys. Stay tuned for a match report.
Game 2
New Zoal All Hacks vs Laniidae Shrikes
Landslide win to the Shrikes even the bruising power of Buzzcut couldn't help the Hacks stop the gender confused Shrikes winning streak. They are now 4-0-0 and firmly at the top of the table heading into their divisional matches.
Game 3
ICE Devils vs The LAW
Battle at the bottom saw an action packed, MVP assisted Devils show who is the tallest midget in this weeks scrap. Defeating The LAW by 7 never before have either team seen so many strikes scored by stunties. In over news Buzzcut has reportedly lost a multi-million credit deal for a new energy drink called "Buzz Juice" due to his image stability this might be because yet again he fail to kill anyone in this match and found himself mostly on the floor being stomped on by Forge Fathers.
Game 4
Osaka Squids vs Teraton Avalanches
In the royal rumble of Oriental foodstuffs the Turtle soup (TA) beat the Fried Calamari (OS) by 0 strikes that's right once again in this league we see the Squids defeated by having their only goal scorer removed in sudden death. Rumours are abound that Tribianni may be selling tactics on the Black Market and it looks like the Avalanches went shopping. Although the low strike score could hurt the Teratons later in the league when they are fighting for rankings with the high scoring Shrikes and Krumpers
Blueskin Krumpers
Blueskin Krumpers spent their bye week with a little down time and have been spotted out with family doing their festive shopping. What exactly do you get a 6'6" Blue Orx for Xmas?

STATS Galore
4 point Strikes
This week we took a look at who was trying to score the big points for quick wins or fan appreciation. So here is the breakdown. remember it was only in Week 5 Games.
Roaring Riptides, Tribianni CHUMS, The LAW, Blueskin Krumpers, Teraton Avalanches and Osaka Squids got no 4 points. Rubbish Krumpers you can be excused just but no wonder some of the rest of you lost. 
The All Hacks got one 4 point well done. But the winner of the 4 points scored in week 5 was Mr Humble himself and his ladyboy Shrikes with two 4 pointers. 
Next week your playing not only for your team but for your race. Racial averages coming your way.

Missing results - Looks like Ben has up'ed his game but past his curse to Will. Will will you send in some results. Sorry could help the wills.

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  1. "Mr Humble" eh? never going to live that down :P