Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Daily Punter Sphere Ranking System. Part II

Hi again Sports fans

Over the weekend I have been working away to get the ranking system all polished off and ready to receive results and start clocking up those games. We have had a small response to start with but its a start. If you take away the 7 Teams I created/used during the testing process we have had 6 Teams sign up from the UK, USA, Australia, Denmark and New Zealand so its clear this is going to be Global. Remember if you want to compete with these teams as well as any others that register and see how you are fairing in the Global Dreadball Community then make sure your registered and your opponents are too. (Links at the end)

First thing I want to show you is how I plan to show the results at the end of each month. I have tried to include plenty of different stats so its not just all about the top of the table, although that has prime of place. If you take a look there is a huge amount of info available. So without further waffle here is a Preview/April 14 Sphere Ranking System. {Click on the image to make it nice and big} (Please send any suggestions, comments ideas to us either in the comments or email punterrankings@gmail.com )

As well as the above info sheet I will also update a publicly available full table so you can see your teams stats no matter what position you are in. This will always be here.

I have also been doing some tricky maths and coding to get the points correct for this ranking system. While the points in the previous article are fine. They leave an open door to spam playing the same person which doesn't really show how good you are at Dreadball just how good compared to that one person you are. Also we have to take into account that player groups are not always large and constraints of actual life take their toll on who and when we can play. So below are the revised Sphere Ranking points system. (Again please send in CC&I)

The basics of the points system is the same as before.
4Pts for a Landslide Win
3Pts for a Win
2Pts for a Draw
1Pts for a Loss
0Pts for a Landslide Loss
+ 1Pt per Cheer you accumulated.

Games are then checked if they are Unique. For a game to be Unique the Home team and Away team and the result I.e. Home win, Away Loss etc must not match a game previously played during that month.

If a game id Unique you get 100% of your match points from the scale above if it isn't you only get 50%. This system allows quite a few games against the same person each month 6 in fact if you play to achieve each outcome but it does stop someone getting full points for playing the same person over and over again. It also avoids a case where your first game each month against someone is more important than any others so people who lose can still get 100% points if they later beat the same person that way teams who play each other in a month twice and both win 1 match will have the same amount of points.

Hope that all makes sense. Below are the links to registration forms and results forms.


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