Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Forge Fathers Tactics

Now I don’t play with Forge Fathers but I've played against them plenty of times. I know their weaknesses and I know how to exploit them. In this guide I shall highlight these flaws as well as their strengths and show you how to turn them to your advantage.

Everyone knows that Forge Fathers are uncannily strong. With their 3+ strength the Forge Father (FF) Jacks can hit as hard as the guards from other teams and the 4+ skill means that they are pretty good at handling the ball as well. What is better is the fact that The Guards have the ‘Steady’ skill. This means that they are pretty hard to get rid of but more importantly essential for the FF who struggle to stand up due to their 5+ speed.

The biggest challenge when playing with FF is that unlike their stereotype, they are one of the most fragile teams in the game. They are speed 5 so their strikers can only dodge on a 5 or a 6 and with the 5+ armour it makes them one of the most delicate players in the game. Furthermore, if their guards and jacks are slammed from behind they not only cannot deliver one of their strength 3+ slambacks, but they are also dodging on 5+.  The other main weakness is their low movement of 4. Combined with speed 5, which means that you are more likely to fail and ‘Dash’ or ‘Evade’ tests, it leaves the FF lacking in mobility.

A solid passing and scoring game is generally the best overall tactic to use. The best games I've played against are where the FF are used like an American Football team; The Guards keep the opponent on the defensive while the vulnerable Strikers are used in their own half to pick up the ball and pass to the Jacks (or receivers) who do the actual scoring. When using this tactic keep in mind their lack of mobility, low movement and limited passing distance. Stick to scoring 1 or 2 pointers while your guards take care of your opponent’s strikers/jacks and play a game of attrition rather than going for a landslide like the more agile teams.

During league play is where the FF can really shine.  Similar to Orx, your Guards and Jacks with gain experience more quickly by injuring players rather than scoring. Beefing your players up can lead them to be an immovable behemoth of a guard or a tough receiver jack. Using the season 2 advancements, the best things to go for are ‘360 degree vision’ or ‘Alert’ as soon as possible so they can use their 3+ strength from all sides.

The next things to get for your Guards are ‘Can’t feel a thing’ and ‘Keeper’.  A combination of these skills will leave your guard an immovable object.

For your Jacks I’d recommend gunning for skill 3+. This will help with catching the ball and scoring, perfect for the receiver tactic. Once you've got ‘Alert’/’360 ‘and 3+ skill id further help them with ‘Safe pair of hands’. This combination will lead your jacks to be star players in your line up.

It takes more effort than it’s worth to make strikers more durable, they tend to gain experience slowly and die quickly. So it’s best to leave them protected in your half, passing the ball. Getting skill 3+ will help if you do manage to level up.

In conclusion, Forge Fathers are best when slamming and passing the ball. You can disguise their weaknesses in league play, keeping your fragile strikers back, keeping in passing distance and by attempting as few speed tests as possible.

Tell me I'm wrong in the comments below!!

-Mr Chris "Killika Beasts" Daubney-


  1. I agree. I like the thought of playing an American football style approach as that Is what got me into the game.

  2. I agree. I like the thought of playing an American football style approach as that Is what got me into the game.