Monday, 14 October 2013

Around the Sphere - Wk Commencing 07/10/2013 (wee bit late)

So I forgot to write this last night. Sorry

Again with Mars attacks in full swing it feels a bit like a black hole where dreadball is concerned. Bits of news that we have seen are that most people have now got their hands on season 3 stuff and they look great. Still waiting to play a 6 player game but fingers crossed.

I am also working on a way to fit the 6 team games into our league, so any ideas post them below.

Before I finish here is what I have found Dreadball related. The new Mantic points have been updated with the kickstarter exclusive MVPs and a couple extras. A great way to use those points. Now where did I put them. I leave you with a nice little pic of one of those fellows, Nightshade.

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