Thursday, 10 October 2013

Manrattan Project

Doc Manrattan

Team Members
Double Yah
Kennedy (Captain) - recently deceased


Running around skittishly in the hope of picking up the ball, and generally not listening to Doc Manrattan.

Formed by the obsessive mad Doc Manrattan who was trying to revive his career as a genetic scientist. His self experimentation with genetics resulted in him being changed into a form of man rat, with faster reactions, and a new taste for decaying waste but still with his superior intellect intact.

After finding a batch of lab rats he decided he could transform the rats into a similar state that he now was. An evil plan formed in his mind, if he could perfect his hypothesis he would have a super army of intelligent rats that he could use to aggressively take over numerous corporation. Eventually his experiments with uranium and plutonium resulted in the rats growing into man sized beasts.

However, the man sized rats were no more intelligent than an average sewer rat as a result his plan had failed. With little money left, Doctor Manrattan decided there was only one option, he would have to enter his super rats into the local Dreadball League with the hope of earning enough credits to start a new experiment...

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