Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Nearly time to call Time

Hi all

Here is the second to last league update for the Outpost League Season 3.

Unfortunately Adrian has had to drop out of the League so all of his results are void. So if you have already played him your result will be a win by 0 strikes with no cheers, kills or deaths if you have yet to play him well done you just got a win.
The deadline for results will be 28/02/2014 so I can wrap up the results and publish them the following Monday 03/03/2014. Any results not received will count as non scoring draws with no kills, cheers or deaths.
This last Season has shown myself and Jimmi a couple of problems that we have a plan to deal with. Watch this space for news on the New and we hope final league format which will return later this year.

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  1. So no-one can catch the shrikes? Boooooooooooo.... ;)