Friday, 25 October 2013

The League is a Comin'

Comin' soon to an 'Outpost' near you!
In just over a weeks time The latest season of The Outpost League will kick off. 9 Teams are already registered and a few are waiting in the wings, they better be quick deadline is 23:59 on 29/10/2013. This is the 3rd time the Blackburn-Taylor power house has ran this league and is set to be the biggest yet. With the experience of 2 successful leagues under their belt already, a few tweaks have been made here and there to get the best experience for everyone involved.

This Season all 12 teams are eligible, and with the increased fame of the Outpost League, all the MVPs have flocked to get involved. This increase in Star players has in turn increased profits so expect to see higher rated teams than before and all those MVPs sharing themselves out across multiple games each week. That's right, they're no longer unique! They are however, still unique to that game being played. We hope that this change will make competition more fierce and give a handy boost to lower rated teams as they can use their underdog bonus to secure the likes of Slippery Joe or Buzzcut or any of the new Giants from season 3.

Speaking of Season 3, plans are afoot to have a league get together just before the Xmas break to play a few of the Ultimate games for big money league money. More details coming soon.

As always the Daily Punter team will be bringing you the best of league news and gossip, With Thonk, Walker, Gerald Dorksworth and Gabby "The Beard" Logan all ready to go.

To help us make sure we have all the cool happenings we encourage all coaches to send in match reports to and we shall get them on the punter.

Keep an eye on the Punter next week for fixtures, team rosters and much more.

One last thing GAME ON!


  1. Good shout. I took a back seat in writing my games last season because it seemed like no-one else was doing it really. will be nice to see how other peoples games go before I face them...

  2. Yeah we deffo want to try get the role play aspect of it back on track this time around. We want lots of stories to publish :)