Saturday, 26 October 2013

Dreadball Martians, part deux - Poll

Howdy again folks, there seems to have been a lot of controversy since we posted last week about the potential Mars Attacks/Dreadball crossover.

There are clearly a lot of folks seriously invested in the fluff of the Warpath universe, which is great news for Mantic, show's that they've made a splash and started dancing on peoples heart strings.

The purpose of this post is to try and ascertain what you're all feeling about this potential cross over, do you have strong feelings? Is it a good thing, bad thing? Vote on the poll and explain yourself in the comments below!

Gack Ack Ack?
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  1. People should be able to play whatever, however they want. "BUT", Mantic want to develope the Warpath Universe and this type of crossover will seriously damage it as a game. Too much "have it youre way" and nobodys gonna take it seriously. The minis crossover enough already into other systems without having a free for all with the fluff. Something tells me though that thats precisely what Mantic want. Fair enough, but then whats the point of building up a universe? Is it because the moneys rolling in theres no incentive to keep it sensible?

  2. Not really a fan of Mars Attacks but I think the DB team looks pretty funky and I've backed the Mars Attacks kickstarter just to get these guys a bit earlier.
    Personally i like the idea of Dreadball teams from other IPs that are official to use as long as they're not written into the already existing Warpath Universe fluff. I can't see them being written in either, maybe a silly backstory on a separate team sheet but nothing in a proper Dreadball supplement.
    As an extra team that players can use, sure, what's the issue? If these guys were called the MarsCorp Bowlheads and didn't have the MA tie-in people would have no problem with them. I don't see how it belittles the game at all. If people just want to use the Season 1, 2 & 3 teams that's fine too, I'm sure some tournament organisers will limit selection to just those teams. I only play with a small group of friends anyway so its not gonna bother me at all!

  3. Why the picture from the movie?
    The martians of the MA Game have not much to do with the comedy movie.