Monday, 28 October 2013

Around the Sphere Wk Commencing 21/10/2013

Hi sports fans. Something a little different today.

With all the Martian craziness going on and busy times at the Punter gearing up for The Outpost League (still spaces left), I thought I would showcase some of the fantastic Dreadball Models I have spotted recently.

These all come from a facebook group called Dreadball Fanatics and if you aren't already in on that gig, it's a great place for news and discussions. Some of the Mantic staff pop in a few times as well.

First up this fantastic Barricade, by Neil Collins . I fancy doing a London Cabby Version.

 Next up a clever lot of Asterian players again by Neil Collins.

Bright yellow Robots anyone? By Tom Rampton.

Finally This fantastic Rising Sun inspired Ape by Neil Collins [He is a talented chap - ed].

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