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The Outpost League Season 3 Rules and Regulations

Howdy folks, the new Outpost League is upon us and we have a few new items to introduce (especially concerning MVPs), and a brand new house rule! Make Sure you check out the rules below, so you don't miss out!

* 9 Teams (If Full)
* Starts on Monday 04/11/13 Weeks run Monday to Sunday.
* Duration 11 Playing Weeks. (Xmas Holiday after week 7).
* 8 League Games plus 2 Divisional Rematches plus 1 Bye week (to have a rest)
* Teams are split into 3 Divisions Steel, Iron & Copper. So you can have a league within a League.
* 5 Wining Prizes, plus a bonus prize for best painted team, and a consolation prize for the loser!

Prizes will be awarded as follows:

* League Champion (Highest Points) - Choice of Team or Team booster
* Mega-Corp Sponsorship Deal (Highest Team Ranking in MC) - Choice of Team or Team booster
* Fan Favourite (Most Pips) - A Pack of Dreadball Cheerleaders
* Highest W/L Ratio - A Dreadball Giant of your choice
* Highest K/D Ratio - A Dreadball MVP of your choice (Not a giant)
* Extra Coaching (Lowest League Score) - A pack of Dreadball Coaches
* Best Uniforms (Best painted, decided by vote in last week) - £10 Store Credit

For the League Champion, and Mega-Corp Sponsorship Deal, the player who won with the highest margin will choose first

No coach can win more than one prize, in the event of a Coach winning two categories, the lesser of the prizes will be awarded to the person who came in second in that category.

* Each coach starts with a team described in either the Season 1 or 2 or 3 Dreadball Rulebook. If using a Corporation team please declare them as either a Trontek 29ers or Void Sirens based team at the beginning of the league.
* Each team has the number of Coaching Dice and Cards as described in either rulebook.
* Each team should have a team rating of 100mc to start.
* At sign up it is important that you include your real name, your forum name, your team name, your team species and contact details if possible.
* Sign up here at the Outpost Forums

* The League Commissioner will send out your own personal fixtures and results card once they have been finalised via the Forums.
*Each team will have a Bye week to gets some R & R by all means play some friendlies but these will not count in the league or give any cash plus experience.
*Play will stop after week 7 for a holiday break. The start date of week 8 will be 06/01/2014
*After Week 7 but before the Xmas break we will have  Ultimate Dreadball Show day where teams can enter to win big cash prizes and develop their team ready for the second half of the season.
*Games will be played using the Ultimate Dreadball rules found in the Season 3 Rule book.
*These games will not award any league points. Although fan cheers, Xp and deaths count.

* Teams cannot sell any current living players to generate mc.
* Players may be fired from a roster, which will lower your Team Ranking, but free up a space.

* All MVPs and Giants are available from week 2 onwards.
* With the rise of The Outpost League, MVPs flock to play and will offer to play for many teams each week.
* MVP’s are only unique to the game you are playing. IE Both players can't run Buzzcut
* Work out your underdog bonus before your match and this as well as any spare cash can be used to purchase MVP’s.
* The Underdog player bids on any MVP’s they want and his opposition then has a chance to beat that bid with his own cash.
* You may bid on a MVP if you don’t have the model, but they will stay in the changing room and will not take part in the match.

Underdog Bonus can be used to purchase rolls on either the Season 1, 2 or 3 Free Agents chart or spent bidding on MVP’s as detailed above.

When a player advances in rank, instead of rolling on the advancement table you may choose for them to learn the 'Captain' ability. From that point onwards, team Captains increase in value and rank as normal but have the following ability:

Captain - Any Role - One Player per Team
Leadership, it's a funny thing, some have got it some haven't. Some try too hard to force it on others, and others just fall into it like they were born to the role. This player has clearly got it. They are followed blindly by teammates, loved by the fans and paid millions by teams and sponsors. This places great expectations on the player and should they fail, they quickly lose their star status.

Any doubled slam, slamback, strike or catch by this player causes an additional fan check. Should this player be sent off, the team loses a number of random fan check cards from their pile equal to the number of rushes they have been sent off for. So a Captain sent off for 5 rushes not only gets a red card as standard, but would also lose his team 5 fan check cards.

This counts for being sent of by the Ref Bot and as the result of a nasty slam. So watch out!

Should a captain die and not be resurrected, the team may promote a new Captain when a player levels up as before.

Ranking for the League Winner is as follows:

1.      League Points
2.      Wins
3.      Landslide Wins
4.      Strike Difference
5.      Team Rating

Teams always receive 5mc each match as an appearance fee plus a bonus as shown below:

2 Dice for a Win
1 Dice for a Draw
1 Dice for a Loss
+ 1 Dice for a Landslide
- 1 Dice for a Loss by Landslide
+ 1 Dice for every whole 10mc higher team ranking your opponent had at the start of the match.

In the Ultimate showcase the appearance fee is doubled to 10mc and the cash dice are shown below.

1st Place 3 Dice
2nd Place 2 Dice
3rd Place 1 Dice
0 Dice for a loss (this is everyone if a team Landslides you all)
+ 1 Dice per Opponent for a Landslide
+ 1 Dice for every whole 10mc higher team ranking your opponent had at the start of the match.

* Landslide Win 3 Points
* Win 2 Points
* Draw 1 Point
* Loss 1 Point
* Landslide Loss 0 Points

* Each week I will need the following info from BOTH coaches
* Result Win/Loss/Draw/Landslide and to who.
* How many by. I.e. I won by 4 or I Lost by 4.
* How many players your team killed. Including MVP’s and underdogs (Before resurrections).
* How many of your players died. Including MVP’s and underdogs (Before resurrections).
* How many Cheers your team generated.
* Your teams new Team Rating
* Coaches should submit these results by forum private message ONLY to Chrisbburn by Sunday at midnight each week.
* If a match cannot be played please let the organisers know in advance where ever possible.
* If you want to include extra details on the ins and out of the game please do they can used in the Daily Punters write ups.

* Please don’t!
* If you must we will substitute your team with a mystery team and results will stand.
* Again we really don’t want drop outs so please let us know if there is a problem and we can try and help.

Results from the previous week, updated league tables and other statistics will be posted on The Daily Punter on Mondays 20:00

Chris Blackburn – Results, rules queries etc
Mobile: 07717206851
Outpost Forum: chrisbburn

Jimmi – Good for settling rules disputes and giving an official ruling. Also contactable if you can't get in touch with Chris
Outpost Forum: Jimmi

Chris Murdoch – Outpost stuff

You can also feel free to drop us a message on the Daily Punter in the comments section below (but please, no match results submissions)

You can download your own copy of these rules from:

The Outpost League is Proudly Sponsored by The Outpost

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