Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Season 3 Lineup - Coaches Contacts

With the fixtures for the whole league now sent to coaches its high time we gave all you Dreadball fans a rundown of the teams competing for the biggest Dreadball League this side of the Trent gulf.

So in no particular order... (forum name is in brackets)

Roaring Riptides - Steel Division
Coach - Adrain Mills (AdrianMills)
Type - Corporation (Sirens)
The Riptides are a new team with a coach new to league play. We have seen how these girls roll in what was an epic cat fight for the wooden spoon in Punter Bowl a few months ago. Are these girls ready to Roar into the lead in this Season or will they be out with the tide?

The New Zoal All Hacks - Steel Division
Coach - Ben Ryan (ScewbylikeAsir)
Type - Corporation (29ers)
Another new coach in the Steel division could make for some great action this season. The flexibity of the Corporation team will grant a helpful introduction into league play, but can they build on it to take top spots or will they just be another hack?

I.C.E. Devils - Steel Division
Coach - Simon Blakemore (Simon)
Type - Forge Fathers
A Veteran of the Outpost League. Mr Blakemore has returned for a 3rd season with a new team. Forge Fathers seem to be back on the rise again after suffering during Seasons 1 and 2. Can Simon breathe new life into the little men or will the new rookies in his division put a chill on their success?

The Law - Iron Division
Coach - Chris Blackburn (chrisbburn)
Type - Forge Fathers
Back with Forge Fathers, although definatly not the same team he lost everything with in Season 1. The Law are a force to be reckoned with especially in a division of rivals like the Iron Division. Will these self proclaimed upholders of justice show their bitter rivals the error of their ways or will in be a night in the can for The Law?

Laniidae Shrikes - Iron Division
Coach - Chris Daubney (I AM MOGAR!)
Type - Corporation (Sirens)
After two seasons coaching the Beasts to become the fan favorites and putting plenty of strikers in the ICU. Coach Daubney has hung up his Beasting gloves in favor of the pesky Sirens play style. Will this change allow him to finally win a league instead?

Tribbiani CHUMS - Iron Division
Coach - James Taylor (jimmi)
Type - Zees
After a Landslide win with The Tuscan Swordfish in Season 2 and a overall win at Punterbowl with the Mighty Dorks, seems like Coach Jimmi is looking for a new challenge and they come in form of a troupe of cloned mini monkeys. Sure to bring chaos and confusion but can this veteran clone another win or will he slip on a banana skin?

Osaka Squids - Copper Division
Coach - Will Hopkins (Jaggedlilwill)
Type - Nameless
Another Veteran coach returning with a new season 3 team. Will has played in all the Outpost events and has plenty of experience winning with different teams and now he is trying his hand at the Nameless - A team that has been mentioned [perhaps somewhat prematurely - ed] as the Judwan of season 3 either way they look a very powerful team can Will make them winners or just damp squid?

Blueskin Krumpers - Copper Division
Coach - Daniel Haslem (vorpalhit)
Type - Marauders
Back for another season after taking the plunge with a Forge Father team in season 2 where he racked up some impressive stats for the then lost cause Forge Fathers including breaking the Tuscan Swordfish in a landslide victory. Dan is back for more with another Season 1 team and the only Marauders team in the league which puts them in great posistion for the bloodiest team this time round, or will they get themselves krimped?

Teraton Avalanches - Copper Division
Coach - Tom Silcock (Tom_Uk)
Type - Teraton
Our final team and another veteran member of the outpost league. Tom is backing the Teratons this season and by all acoounts in pre season games they are a force to worry about. They hit like giant teleporting turtles that are angry, very angry. You're going to see some bloody games in the Copper division and I think Turtles might come out on top unless someone can give them a serious shredding.

And so thats the line up, The league begins on Monday who is going to get first blood/strike/win?

Stay tuned to the Punter.

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  1. I've just noticed, all these teams are unique - not a single repeat from earlier seasons!