Monday, 18 November 2013

Outpost League Week Two Results

Looks like the league is hotting up with Laniidae Shrikes taking an early lead by netting 2 landslide wins. But will that increase in TR come back to haunt them in week to come once people start using their underdog bonus to by Giants and Buzzcutt. The copper division is looking strong with both the Krumpers and the Avalanches in the top 3. Coach Blakemore looks like he might be struggling to get to grips with the Forge Fathers but he has a late game divisional game against the Riptides which could give him the chance to climb up the table.

So with week 3 starting today and all teams are in the mix it could be all change come this time next week. Look for the Avalanches to improve on their win over the Squids and the CHUMS to restore Coach Jimmis winning record against the Shrikes to really mess with the league. Its all to play for in the Outpost League.

Stats Galore, Week 2, Kills

This week we shall take a look at who is throwing the big hits. First off lets see who killed the most in week 2.

Its a Tie with Blueskin Krumpers and The Teraton Avalanches with 2 Kills each. Told you the Copper Division would be bloody. The Krumpers also have the highest total Kill tally with 4 over 2 weeks if that continues they will end up winning due to dead opponents.

The list for the more humane teams is a bit bigger with Roaring Riptides, The New Zaol All Hacks, I.C.E. Devils and Tribbiani CHUMS yet to kill anyone.

In other news the award for not following the league rules goes to Coach Ben Ryan for not sending in any results at all. Consider yourself told Ben send your results in as per the league rules.

Until new week.


  1. The Krumpers are looking forward to Cuttin' the Shrikes Buzz.

    Hurr Hurr.

  2. Pre match smack talk now this is why we play Dreadball. Whoop - Walker

  3. It's me! Emergency order #666! Activate Hummingbird! League approval?! There is no time for that-- Ah to hell with it, if you so decree, so am I compelled to behave! Hououin Kyouma accepts the challenge. Krumpers, prepare yourself!