Monday, 18 November 2013

Around The Sphere Wk Commencing 11/15/2013

Another late one but if its isn't broke don't fix it.

This week we had rumour's of how the future of Dreadball looks with Season 4 (Extreme) sometime in early 2014 and then possibly 3 more season to follow hope that means 12 more teams.

And then this chap turned up

"The Yndij are a little-know race from the OuterSphere, Known to be hostile towards the GCPS, but every rule has an exception. A'teo "The Savage" Adysi's story has inspired countless vidcast serials and documentaries - after all who could resit the tale of a feral savage who arrived in the Core without a single credit, looking to seek his fortune, only to rise to superstardom in the world of Dreadball?"
Me I cant wait looks like he is coming in early 2014 as a new MVP I have everything that can be crossed crossed that a Yndij team is coming too. Even have a name sorted. I give you the "Camelonium Lionhearts" subject to some change of course. What rules do you think they will have. I love the basket Glove and knee pads.
Also this week saw the Outpost League continue with Chris Daubney carving out a lead with 2 landslides. Check out tonight's post with full round up.
Keep posting in any match reports you would like to hear on the Punter and we shall do our best to get them up. Or any other articles as well rumour's of Mr Blakemore doing something to do with the ref coming soon.

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