Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Most Vaulable Colour

Hi all

So I am madly trying to get my Forge Fathers (The Law) ready for the Open Day and kept starring at a sad looking Gorim Ironstone looking back. Why is he sad you may ask? Well becasue he is very pale, white in fact. So I have come up with a cunning plan on how to Paint all of my MVPs. Each MVP will wear the uniform of one NFL team and the number of a star player from that team (as I always play MVPs as 14,13 or 12 that shouldn't be an issue)

So to start with Gorim Ironstone will be transformed into San Francisco 49ners number 07 Colin Kaepernick (BTW this isn't my team)


Going forward I will assign a team too each MVP

For the moment all I know is

Tonight Matthew

Buzzcutt will be Seattle Seahawks number 24 and very own "Beast Mode" Marshawn Lynch. 

and that I would like to have a good St Louis Rams Player represented (this is my team) and former Ram Steven Jackson. Oh and I haven't decided on which NFL players may end up being girls looking at you Tom Brady.

I will be trying to keep this updated as I gone on with final pictures for comparison.

Any recommendations put them in the comments.

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