Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Outpost League Week One Results

A few technical issues (Thonk and Walker hit The Law's after party a bit too hard) but here are the results that have been submitted to League HQ for Week One. (Missing a few still)

Correction: I.C.E. Devils have a team rating of 101mc and Laniidae Shrikes have a team rating of 121mc.
Looks like there is going to be fierce competition in all divisions. Especially in the Iron Division where The Law won their first divisional match up against a CHUMs team still trying to find its monkey feet and to go one better rivals the Shrikes took the first Landslide of the league over new kids I.C.E. In other divisions a bloody battle between the Krumpers and Squids saw no less than 4 Deaths, equally shared 2 a piece and that is before the Teratons even get involved as they had a week one bye. In the Steel Division the Riptides took the tops spot after a win over fellow rookies the Hacks and I.C.E. sits at the bottom of the table after the landslide loss to cross division rivals the Shrikes.
Week One Feature STAT! Death Toll
This week we look at who is going to have to hold fresh trials to replace their losses early in the league.
  1. Blueskin Krumpers (2 Deaths)
  2. Osaka Squids (2 Deaths)
  3. Tribbiani CHUMS (2 Deaths)
  4. I.C.E. Devils (1 Death)
As you can see a 3 way tie with 3 teams having to replace multiple losses early in the league. Next week we shall look at who is throwing the big hits with a look at the kills inflicted.

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