Monday, 4 November 2013

Missing Rules for MVPs

Howdy folks, Dorksworth here. Just a quick one today.

Whilst making one of my regular web visits over to Quirkworthy I couldn't help but 'overhear' a conversation between Jake and a backer about the Kickstarter Exclusive MVPs, and more specifically - their rules (or lack thereof).

For those unaware, they include Blaine, that chap riding the dinosaur and a couple of others. (If you can remember what they are, please drop us a message in the comments).

Anyway - seems like Ole Jake is on the ball, and has plans to write the missing rules in the next few days, and to open a small can of whoop ass on Mantic for their radio silence on the subject.

That's it - short but sweet!

P.S We still love you Mantic (but no more silent treatment OK?)

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