Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Blueskin Krumpers vs The New Zaol All Hacks (Week 2)

From the point of view of a blue gobbo.

It seems the Blueskin Gods are not with these All Hacks. When things were going well then Karma came back to hit them in the face.
This started when All Hacks punched a Orx guard into the recovery bay and the crowd went so wild so wild that the resonate frequency of the crowds stomping matched the shatter frequency of the dreadball exactly thus shattering it to pieces, just as the All hacks had a 3 point strike set up, how unfortunate.
Later a great play by a Blueskin gobbo gave the Blueskins a 3 Point lead and command of the game. The blueskins tried to take the win quickly after with a 4 point strike attempt but Blueskin fans worried that they wouldn't see any blood this match booed so much that it put the poor blighter off and he promptly missed.
A quick huddle saw the Blueskins go back to their Krumping ways and had the fans on their feet by killing off to poor All Hacks.
The Krump Nations baying for more blood even drowned out the cheers from the Kiwis fans as they clawed back 2 points.
Spurred on by the calls for slams and sucker punches the Blueskins forged on and took victory in style with a perfected executed 4 point strike in the dying moments of the game.

Daily Punter has reached out to The All Hacks Camp to get a counter view of the game. No news yet but when we have it you can be sure that you will hear it here first.

If you have match reports you would like to see on the Daily Punter please send details to Thonk and Walker.

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