Monday, 30 September 2013

The Killika Beasts

John 'Shep' Shepherd


#2 G'Waaar
#3 Kor'Man
#4 'Ard Top
#10 Z'Earo
#5 Jona
#6 Jack
#7 Jimmy
#8 Jayne
#9 Jameson

Giving a Beasting: Mame and kill the opposition, when there's no opposition, throw the ball around.

The Killika Pipe Production Company (KPP co.) started life as a corporation plant with a successful team, but was "acquired" buy marauders expanding into a legitimate market. In essence this was true but the real intentions were to turn the pipe factory in to munitions barrel factory.

As more of the staff work was outsourced to goblins so more of the team were replaced with Orx. This was until there were no humans on the team and games against the Beasts turned into more of a mass brawl then a Dreadball match.

After a hefty fine from the OP League, the Killika Beasts were forced to recruit players that knew how to play the game, or face expulsion from the league and losing their front. Unfortunately all that would play for them were the workers that used to watch the brawls. Which left the games largely the same but with some of the team at least using the ball (no-one said they had to score).

Although they win a alot of their matches, the Beasts haven't advanced much in season league play. But they have been tournament Champions. They continue to play, causing the most injuries per game as possible, becoming one of the most fan loved and highest rated teams. Thus hiding the company's true intentions.

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