Sunday, 29 September 2013

Around the Sphere - Wk Commencing 23/09/13

Welcome to a weekly round up of the all the Dreadball comings and goings that we at the Daily Punter have discovered, stumbled upon and sometimes made up.

Big news this week is this little picture above, which was sneaked out in a recent and cryptic post by Jake Thornton on his blog. Very little was given away, but that hasn't stopped wild speculations from the masses. These include:
  • A Card game version of Dreadball
  • Mantic are planning up to SIX Seasons plus Extreme.
  • Jake and Ronnie were just playing a game of poker
I'm hoping for option two - 6 seasons of Dreadball would be great! What would you like to see in new seasons? New teams? What types? I would love to see a Yndij, Sorak or Plague team, also some more giants as they look like fun. I also think some more skills as I felt a bit disappointed in the lack of new skills available to level ups in Season 3. Tell us your thoughts in the comments. [Holy cow, you sound like a kid making a Christmas list!! - ed]

In other news, the Outpost, in Sheffield held its 3rd single day event last Sunday. It was a great success with 12 players involved in a full day of Dreadball, plus a slap up Mexican lunch! The Mighty Dorks took the win in flawless fashion as well as coming away with the prize for the best uniform (Best Painted). We'd like to say a big thanks to The Outpost Wargames Store in Sheffield for being a gracious host providing food and a heap of prizes. Look out for more Dreadball events happening there soon including The Outpost League Season 3 starting in November. As always the Daily Punter will have all the news and hot gossip.

With all this news of Martians invading its easy to miss that Season 3 is about to be released and the new stuff looks great. I love the pitch, both design and material and cant wait to get some games on it. Also the Giants are some of the best Dreadball models Mantic have made. In addition to these, Mantic have the new prone markers, keepers and alternative sculpts for Season 1 and Season 2 teams; these are great and I cant wait to add them to my teams just for the difference in models. I was however, slightly disappointed that the robots don't get a keeper but hey ho the robots prone counter makes up for that; he [it - ed] is brilliant. [Mantic advise that you use the robot MVP as a keeper model - ed]

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