Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Dorks run away with PunterBowl 2013 victory

They said that an Orx team coached by a has-been human would never see glory, they were wrong!

The Mighty Dorks fought their way to a spectacular landslide victory in this Sunday's PunterBowl tournament at the Outpost without taking a single casualty.

That's not to say they had an easy run, during the group games the Dorks were matched step for step by last seasons winners, the Kilika Beasts. Unfortunately for the Beasts, they went down in the quarter finals to a landslide victory to the Dorks and finished up in a respectable 3rd place.

Despite a win percentage of just 66% the group game underdogs, Veermageddon made a meteoric recovery - fighting their way to a close 2nd place in the finals and narrowly missing out on the title by a mere 2 strikes.
Perhaps most surprising of all was a mid table finish for The Law. A team typically characterised by their epic fails, who's only record to date has involved shoe laces tied together and two left feet. Perhaps this signals great things to come from The Law, or maybe Digby need to investigate claims of match fixing. Only time will tell.

The final tournament standings were as follows:

Gold - Mighty Dorks
Silver - Veermageddon
Bronze - Kilika Beasts
4th - Bugsby Beatles
5th - The Law
6th - Ulfgars' Granite Hearthguard
7th -Antillean Angels
Wooden Spoon - Roaring Riptides


  1. Some say that the Mighty Dorks may be the greatest team ever to take to the pitch...

  2. Here we go again Daily Punter kissing Dorks green backside since......
    Thonk that's enough we only just got this job and I have hair transplant bills to pay.