Monday, 7 October 2013

Team Overview - Judwan

The Judwan were introduced in Season two and quickly established themselves as one of the more controversial teams thanks mainly to their uncharacteristic high survivability, intense maneuverability, and their ability to push players anywhere. The latter was the straw that broke the camels back and lead to several complaints to Digby. It seemed that several Judwan teams had taken to pushing helpless Jacks on the launch zone, and laughing whilst they floundered the ball again and again and again.

After a swift investigation, it was found that the Judwan teams had been taking a performance enhancing drug. The following ban on this drug lead to an effective drop in speed by the the Judwan which seems to have balanced everything out nicely again. Huzzah.

Judwan teams are a 'Pacifist' race, meaning that they will never intentionally harm anyone directly (through throwing the ball at them, or slamming). In addition, their teams are composed entirely of Strikers with average stat lines.

The strength of the Judwan is in their 'Long Arms' ability which allows them to throw 33% further than any other team. This, in conjunction with the number of strikers on the pitch, and their good maneuverability means that they are an excellent passing team. On the downside, their lack of threat means any opponent does not have to worry about sending their own strikers deep into Judwan territory.

It should go without saying, but as a team with no guards, every rush should be focused on setting up and striking. Ideally you want the game to be over as quickly as possible to minimize the number of casualties, as during lengthy games, (even if you're winning) inevitably you'll gradually start to loose players, and when you've only got a couple left on the pitch you'll notice your effectiveness drop massively.

A typical rush will obviously vary depending on the exact situation, but it's a good idea to have your team spread around the pitch so you can quickly move that ball around via passing (clever player facing is essential). If a player gets knocked out of position, it's always worth spending an action moving him back as you'll normally have some going spare.

As far as point scoring goes, don't bother wasting your time going for 1 pointers unless you have to, as in most instances you have the movement and speed to get into a good 3 strike position. In this vein, don't hesitate to Misdirect strike zone defenders out of your way if you need to (this is always best done approached from the rear to avoid Slambacks).

Advanced Tactics
Judwan have a couple of advanced tactics available to them, these can be very fun and add a bit more spice to the game, so they're 100% recommended practices!
  • "Whoops, did I just push you in front of a speeding metal ball the size of your head?" - Due to rules changes, the old dirty tactic of pushing Jacks onto the launch zone is long gone, but this has opened up a new, and much more characterful (and much less game breaking) tactic. If you see an opportunity to push an opposing player onto the launch zone - do it. Make sure you face them away from the ball, and as close to the launching side as possible. This will result in a very high chance of their unfortunate death when the ball comes in. Bear in mind that this tactic requires you to score in the same rush to ensure the ball is relaunched (in these circumstances it is acceptable to go for a 1 pointer).
  • "Psycho Judwan" and "Short Arms" Judwan - Due to the cost of outright replacing dead team members, the Daily Punter wholeheartedly recommends using the cheap revival option. This comes with an additional potential fun outcomes. You may lose your 'Pacifist' ability. Imagine the surprise of your opponent when you kill him by throwing the ball at his head! Alternatively, you may lose your 'Long Arms' This makes this player your new star striker since he has now gained the ability to score 4 pointers, which means you can potentially win in two rushes!
Management Difficulty Rating
Under the Season 2 rules, Judwan seemed pretty easy, some even described them as auto-win if they were in the hands of a skilled coach. Thankfully, the changes made to their speed and the ball launching rules have re-balanced them, and whilst they should win games early in the leagues, their lack of durability will give coaches a harder time sustaining them.

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