Saturday, 5 October 2013

Tribbiani C.H.U.M.S

Professor Joseph Tribbiani

Marcelle Alpha
Marcelle Beta
Marcelle Charlie
Marcelle Delta
Marcelle Echo
Marcelle Foxtrot
Marcelle Golf
Marcelle Hotel
Marcelle Indigo
Marcelle Juliette


Chaos, Confusion, and Madness

Professor Tribbiani was a high ranking scientist working on teleportation pods for the Corporation. His experiments had been very succesful in teleporting inanimate objects from one pod to another, and one day he decided to advance the experiment to the next phase.

A laboratory monkey named Marcelle was chosen as the test subject, and was placed in pod A. Confident that all possible outcomes had been accounted for, Professor Tribbiani flipped the switch.

Sparks flew, blinding lights flared through the pod portholes, and thick black smoke plumed from the machinery and filled the laboratory. When the dust finally settled, Tribbiani prized open the Pod B door and not one, but ten identical monkeys spilled out over the floor.

The disappointment was crushing and to compound matters the Council of Seven was furious at the lack of progress and cut all funding to Professor Tribbiani's work.

Now working alone in complete exile, Professor Tribbiani was eventually able to fix the replication issue, and even found use for his ten Marcelle's as laboratory assistants. However he soon grew frustrated with their lack of intelligence, and sought a solution.

After a particularly disturbing nights sleep, Tribbiani awoke with a fully formed plan in his mind - he would teleport himself alongside the ten Marcelle's, thus fusing his consciousness with their own, and giving him the ability to control them. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to Tribbiani he was carrying his packed lunch (one regular banana) in his pocket when he conducted the experiment, and not only was his conscious fused with that of the Marcelle's, but the banana was also fused with his.

Now, completely mad with the thoughts of ten identical monkeys occupying one half of his brain, and a banana occupying the other, Professor Tribianni has decided to train his only friends, his chums the Marcelle's in the art of Dreadball, and compete in the Outpost Leagues in a desperate attempt to win back the respect he deserves.

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