Friday, 4 October 2013

Captain of Men (Women, Orx, Goblins, Teleporting Turtles and other Aliens)

Hi there Dreadball Fans.

Chris here with a thought on a new house rule. Now, I have to be quick because Jimmi hates them. [not all of them! - Ed]

The one thing when flicking through all of the teams and skills that I feel is missing from Dreadball is a dedicated position for your teams captain and a bonus to go with him/her/it/them.

So after a bit of thinking (no play testing at all) I have come up with this.

Skill - Captain - Any Player
Leadership its a funny thing, some have got it some haven't. Some try too hard to force it on others. This player clearly has got it. They are followed blindly by teammates, loved by the fans and paid millions by teams and sponsors. This places great expectations on the player and should they fail they quickly lose their star status.

Any doubled slam, slamback, strike or catch by this player causes an additional fan check. Should this player be sent off, the team lose a number of random fan checks from their pile equal to the number of rushes they have been sent off for.

This skill can be selected when a player levels up instead of rolling on any table and only one player per team may have it at once.

Let me know what you think?


  1. Considering it's a potential house rule, it actually sounds OK in theory :)

  2. Theory sounds good. I'm willing to playtest it. I can imagine it being very over powered, considering the amount of cheers i racked up in the tournament using a card with that value...

  3. I dont think its as over powering as you think. Its only one player and its double edged. Plus you have to level the first place so ejo ever has this skill is sticking a huge target on their back saying please kill me.