Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Around the Sphere Wk Commencing 14/10/2013 ( Drunken Lateness)

I told Walker Cocktails were a bad idea.

This week has seen some nice additions to the Mantic store, especially some helpful packs to complete your teams. These come in the shape of free agent packs, one for each of the first 2 seasons and as a bonus for being a robot coach you get the quick change artist pack. Which is really helpful to build a full robots team. Go grab them.

With only a few weeks left before the end of Outpost off season, its soon time to start Season 3 of the Outpost League. The Daily Punter with all its new found investment is going to be your hub of info on the comings and goings of new and old teams, and of course your favourite duo will be back bringing you the scoops and Gaby "The Beard" Logan will be pitch side for interviews and more.

If you are still yet to sign up for the Outpost League head over to the Outpost forums and sign up.

Stay tuned Dreadball fans, this time its going to be 'Giant'!

In other news, Mantic have recently released info around their favourite crossover MVP, "Blaine" from extreme. He is now making an appearance in Mars Attacks (such a PR Hussy). In other Mars Attacks/Dreadball News Ronnie Renton all but confirmed a Martian team in the future, and in true Mantic fashion stole Thomas Silcock's Xmas Elves idea - how cheeky (not that Mantic have done this before hey Tom?)

That's all for this week. Catch you [ed - on time hopefully] next week.

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